“Our commitment to you is rivaled only by our commitment to our planet. Our clients trust us to be responsible with their e-waste, and so do the millions of people who share our environment. And we don't just talk about it - we do it.”

RULES 2011


Eco Raksha is a leading provider of reverse logistics and e-waste management services, specializing in IT hardware and other electronic equipment. Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing and disposing IT assets during its product lifecycle while helping customers improve asset accountability and their competitive edge.

Eco Raksha is one of the leading service companies for recovering and maximising value from E-Waste. Our systems ensure a full audit from point of collection to final disposition, be it Asset Recovery, Complete Disposal or Data Erasure / Destruction.

In the last three years Eco Raksha has produced zero land fill from our recycling operations whilst returning value to our esteemed customers.

Data destruction / Degaussing     Donating your E-waste  
Eco Raksha with its state-of-the-art degauser systems & software, has emerged as one of the pioneer in this field. You have an able partner in us who understands that your organization may require an expert resource to perform necessary data destruction services.
      It is imperative not to forget our commitment to the society as responsible and privileged citizens. In the spirit of giving, HelpAge and Eco Raksha would like to appeal to Individuals and Corporations

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