Data Destruction / Degaussing

Given the criticality of information in today’s business world, it is very important for companies to ensure that vital sensitive / confidential information is not misused or information is carefully destroyed. We at Eco Raksha offer certified data destruction services. We understand the challenges companies face to protect information and thus offer reliable, safe and secure data destruction services.
Data is usually left behind even after the conventional data removal techniques are used to erase data like file deletion, reformatting etc. Eco Raksha is committed to providing professional services to help wipe out sensitive information while adhering to particular sets of standards. Our services aim to meet and exceed the DoD and NIST standards.
Eco Raksha is equipped to safely and securely perform onsite software overwriting and onsite degaussing services.

Software Wipe

  • Magnetic media is re-usable after Software wipe
  • Software wipe takes many hours – depending on Media (Hard disk, tape) capacity (GB) and number of passes of over-write required by client
  • Software wipe is the preferred option when assets are to be donated


  • Magnetic media is rendered unusable after degaussing
  • Degaussing takes 30 secs to 1 minute per media after dismantling the HDD from the asset
  • Degaussing is the preferred option when data is extremely sensitive and value return is not critical

Software Overwriting / Disk Wiping / Hard Disk Shredding :

This is a simple removal / wiping of all data from hard disk as long as media is writable and not damaged while maintaining the DoD (Department of Defense) 5220.2M, NIST SP800-88 set data destruction standards approved internationally. Data destruction softwares are used which overwrites the same data everywhere-often with just a pattern of zeros which prevents data from being retrieved by reading from the medium again using standard system functions. In an attempt to counter more advanced data recovery techniques, specific overwrite patterns and multiple passes are prescribed. This is usually considered as one of the effective ways to remove recorded vital information from computer hardware.
Customers can verify the Data wipe process by attempting to recover the erased data. Later, a detailed report of data wiping and sanitisation process is provided.
Eco Raksha also specializes in Software Data Destruction of Enterprise storage devices like EMC, NetApp etc.

Advantages of Data Wiping

  • Stringent measures are always taken for the data wiping process
  • Ensuring total data security during the process
  • Disposal of end of life assets as per the standards and practices
Eco Raksha offers both on-site and off-site services.

Bitraser Drive Eraser

Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, Servers and storage environments based on x86 and x86-64 architectures.
Erasure :
  • BIOS & UEFI machines including Intel-based Macs
  • IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, FireWire hard disk drives of any size/block size
  • SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size/block-size
  • eMMC drives of any size/block size
  • NVMe drives of any size/block-size.
Report :
Digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure , Detailed reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection Extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedures Reports are tamper-proof reporting.
Certified Data Wiping
  • At Eco Raksha, we use NIST tested, recommended and approved Software BitRaser – Certified Data erasure software by Stellar for data wiping service.
  • Data wiping service is available for Desktops, Laptops, loose drives(Hard disks and SSD), and servers. Once we have your storage device with us, we perform data wiping by using BitRaser and a certificate of Data Erasure is issued.
  • Desktops, Laptops, Hard drives etc which are wiped by using BiRaser can be reused again without worrying about any data leakage. Organisations greatly benefit from this , as computers can be reused again.
  • We perform data wiping by using international standards of wiping like NIST 800-88 Clear,NIST 800-88 Purge, US DoD, German Standard, US army standard, etc.
  • Data wiping reports are stored by serial number of drives. Along with data wiping reports, a certificate of erasure for audit trail purposes is issues, which organisations can use for their compliance related requirement.
  • Our data wiping solution supports 24 international standards. BitRaser is tested and approved by NIST. HIPAA. ADISA, STQC.

Degaussing :

The technique of degaussing aims at exposing the data stored in magnetic objects with a magnetic field of greater fluctuating intensity. Hence a machine, a degausser, is used to produce this intense magnetic field. Once exposed data in magnetic objects are reset wherein all data previously stored is erased. After degaussing, the media cannot be reused and has to be recycled.
A degausser is a machine that disrupts and eliminates magnetic fields stored on disk media, removing data from devices like your hard drives. The degaussing process changes the magnetic domain where data is stored, and this shift in domain makes data unreadable and unable to be recovered.
Degaussing represents one of the best steps to take before destroying or shredding hard drives, by giving you an extra layer of protection against someone accessing your information illegally.

Eco Raksha specializes in degaussing services for the following types of magnetic objects

Hard Disks

  • SATA (Serial Advance Technology Attachment) drives
  • SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) drives
  • SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)
  • FC (Fibre channel) drives


We degauss different types of magnetic tapes.
  • DLT (Digital Linear Tape)
  • SDTL or Super DLT’s
  • LTO (Linear Tape-Open)

Advantages of Degaussing

  • Ensures permanent removal of any kind of sensitive and confidential data
  • Cost effective and affordable operational costs
  • Compliance based data erasure method
  • Disposal of data in safe and secure manner

Common Phrases / terminology used while degaussing:

  • Gauss: is a mathematical rating referring to the intensity of magnetic field generated by a degausser.
  • Oersted: is a mathematical value referring to the intensity of magnetic field strength.
If the Gauss rating is at least twice the Oersted rating then it can be said that data is completely erased from the hard disks.
To assist clients in complying with data privacy regulations, internal company policies Eco Raksha provides a Certificate of Data Destruction on completion of the services which helps companies in mitigating the potential risk due to exposure of intellectual property or sensitive client information / data.
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