“Our commitment to you is rivaled only by our commitment to our planet. Our clients trust us to be responsible with their e-waste, and so do the millions of people who share our environment. And we don't just talk about it - we do it.”

Chief among our priorities here at Eco Raksha is quality assurance. From guaranteeing the personal or corporate data on your recycled equipment is securely removed to adhering to the strictest environmental standards in the industry, we're focused on doing what we do with integrity and honesty.



Our Commitment means


  • Eco Raksha has never - and will never - dispose of toxic e-waste irresponsibly
  • Eco Raksha always provides safe on-site handling of hazardous e-waste and other problematic components and materials, such as no shredding of mercury
  • Eco Raksha accepts full accountability for the entire electronics recycling process, from receipt and audit to final disposition
  • Eco Raksha collects and reports data for recycling industry health and safety benchmarking and improvement





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