“Our commitment to you is rivaled only by our commitment to our planet. Our clients trust us to be responsible with their e-waste, and so do the millions of people who share our environment. And we don't just talk about it - we do it.”
Donating your E-waste

It is imperative not to forget our commitment to the society as responsible and privileged citizens. In the spirit of giving, HelpAge and Eco Raksha would like to appeal to Individuals and Corporations to donate their used computers and other electronic equipment.


Everyone wins; you can safely and responsibly get rid of your used electronics while helping the elderly and less fortunate!

Part of the proceeds from the compliant disposal of e-waste will be used by HelpAge India for the support of its ongoing projects. The amount realized will be utilized for any of the following causes


  • Cataract Operations with Intra Ocular Lenses
  • Mobile Medicare Unit
  • Elders Helpline
  • Physiotherapy Centre


As a part of everybody’s Corporate Social Eco Responsibility, Eco Raksha urges all corporates and individuals to come forward and donate their E-Waste to the needy.


Kindly fill in the form below and we shall have the E-Waste collected.

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